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There are few things more important to a successful company image than a professionally created website. In many respects, it’s the window to the soul of an organization. Sites busy with too many elements fail, in that they attempt to express too much. While those which are too barren or sparse fail to build trust, convey purpose, or elicit an emotional response from the end user.
At Quantum Identity Group, our comprehensive planning approach addresses this critical balance by creating a successful middle ground; a virtual place where satisfying end user needs and meeting the objectives of those running the site — find balance through effective design and crisp web content.
And unlike traditional web development methods, we won’t subject you to an endless litany of historical case studies or complex proprietary formulas on “how we tackle coding”. Nor will we rush a design concept to you, inspired by a few vague guidelines, without ever having engaged you in a thoughtful discussion about your goals.

Instead, our approach to developing a successful digital brand relies heavily on the active involvement of our clients; including participation in creative discourse, Q&A sessions, and brainstorming exercises.
In addition, we ensure that at every stage of the process your interactive project represents the ideas discussed and agreed on in the creative brief. The result: a consistent online / offline brand identity. The entire process is highly involved.
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Responsive Website Designs

Enhanced Experience
Uniform Branding
Increased Traffic
High Conversion Rates
Lower Bounce Rates
Faster Page Loads
Improved SEO

Suite Features x Benefits

+ Improve Business Credibility
+ Improve Advertising Effectiveness
+ Educate Your Customers
+ Expand Your Market
+ Extend Your Local Reach
+ Boost Your Reputation
+ Generate Leads
+ Find Clients

Google AMP Framework

Accelerated Pages
Fast Engagement
Pro Advertising

Progressive Web Applications

App-like Interface
Push Notifications
Self Updates
Work Offline

eCommerce Integrations

Square Online
Salesforce B2C


An expertly created online brand presence is an organization's most important virtual asset. 

No business can expect to gain consumer credibility or distinguish itself from its competition without a professionally designed and properly developed online brand presence. In fact, in today's rapidly changing environment, your website may be the only aspect of your company's brand a client ever sees.

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"In today's rapidly changing environment, your website may be the only aspect of your company's brand a client ever sees."



Quantum IDG provides a proven way to build successful online ventures.

An expertly created website is an organization’s most important virtual asset. Savvy clients everywhere are turning to Quantum Identity Group for a proven way to build successful online ventures. Let Quantum IDG build your next web application. Contact us today.

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+ Identity Assessment
+ Brand Audit
+ Custom Logo Design
+ Corporate Identity System
+ Marketing Collateral System
+ Media / Marketing Kit
+ Copywriting / Copy Editing
+ Content / Technical Writing
+ Corporate Communications
+ Crisis Communications
+ Personal Branding
+ Public Relations Strategy
+ Interactive Media / Website
+ Planning, Launch and Execution
+ Outstaffed Technology C-Suite
+ Outsourced Virtual IT Team / Department



Affordable, full-cycle product, image, and strategy development.



Brand development for ideas, personalities, and industries.



Growth strategies for mindshare, market share, and market mastery.

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